Click on the links below to see videos of Jay in action or videos that he feels clients would enjoy:

Henry Tepper, Mass Audubon Testimonial
Henry Tepper, President of Mass Audubon, takes sixty seconds during a recent visioning summit to reflect on the process, and its impact on his assembled stakeholders.

Strategic Planning at Hampshire College – 2 Minutes
Jay facilitated a series of vision forums at Hampshire College in February 2011, captured in this award-winning video (Assn. for Strategic Planning). The result? A community-made, collaborative vision for Hampshire College’s future.

Jay’s TEDx talk – The Art of Facilitation – Changing the Way the World Meets
Why people hate meetings, how Jay became a professional meeting facilitator, and what has to happen to change the way the world meets.

Jay Facilitates a Meeting in Open Space
Open Space is a meeting method where participants gather around a tough challenge, create their own agenda, convene their own discussion groups, and use their time as they see fit.

Facilitating a Meeting in Open Space – 12 Minutes
A twelve minute version of the four minute feature on facilitating Open Space, with more meeting process detail.

Do Your Meetings Feel Like Herding Cats?
This is a funny ad that makes real the saying, “this is like herding cats.”