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At Peoplesworth, we get a lot of feedback on our sessions with clients. Their experiences might help you understand how we work and what hiring Peoplesworth would be like for your organization.

The testimonials have been grouped into the following general categories. Choose the category closest to your organization and read comments from our clients on their experience with Peoplesworth.


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“This note came from a board member today. I couldn’t say it better: ‘Today was a terrific day, just what we need to bring us forward for the next several years. I enjoyed myself on many levels – personally, professionally, and developmentally. Jay really got us thinking collectively and the positive energy in the room was great. I’m excited to be part of our future! Thanks for including me.’ Several times, I was moved to tears by the sheer excitement, involvement and genuine support from every person at the retreat. Jay, you are a genius at putting a thousand pieces into a meaningful whole. You gave us the tools to move forward as a focused, professional nonprofit organization.”

– Linda Brooks, Director, A Suitable Image

“Jay Vogt has been our organizational coach and facilitator of quarterly meetings for the past three years. The team always looked forward to the meetings as an upbeat venue to gather, innovate, and share information. He always did a great job capturing and shaping input from the group to give us actionable takeaways.

Beyond facilitating meetings Jay helped us select and refine a system of planning, meeting and reporting that was ideal for a small high growth company. Jay is trusted and respected throughout the organization and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”

– Nancy Rosenzweig, former CEO, The Natural Dentist

“We used Jay at CASE years ago, and since then he has been referred from collaborative to collaborative, from Superintendent to Superintendent, all over Metrowest Boston. Why do they like him? His planning style is quick, dynamic, and highly visual, which really engages people.”

– Gerry Mazor, former Executive Director, CASE (a public school collaborative),
former Interim Executive Director, LABBB (a public school collaborative)