Strategic Plans: Companies

My work with fast growth companies primarily involves making plans and sticking to them.  We start by creating a one page strategic plan (see article below).  That often requires articulating a compelling vision (see case study with Equal Exchange below) for the future.  Then we design a series of meetings and a set of success indicators to help keep the company on track.



“You know the work we did with vision comes up all the time now. We ask ourselves questions like ‘Does this annual budget move us toward our Vision? Does it do so fast enough?’ or ‘What kind of people do we need to recruit for the Board to realize our Vision?’ and so on. It’s pretty heady stuff. Thanks again for all you help in making it possible.”

– Rodney North, The Answer Man
Equal Exchange

Case Study
To read a case study about my work on the strategic plan for Equal Exchange, please click here.

To download a pdf of my article about strategic plans for fast growth companies, “Creating Focus with a One-Page Strategic Plan,” please click here.