Open Space Technology

“Open Space” is an innovative meeting method for convening large groups of people to face urgent, complex challenges in ways that allow passion and leadership to break out all over. Open Space is self-organization in action. Individuals who care passionately about an issue and are willing to provide some leadership around it are invited to post their topic, assign it a time and place, and then convene the group. When all the issues have been stated and assigned, participants choose freely how to spend their time.  There is no other agenda.


“Our task was to restructure a regional comprehensive university, and we faced a plethora of multiple constituencies and values. We engaged Jay Vogt to lead a two-day Open Space Technology-based convocation, and Jay and his techniques turned out to be ideally suited to the task. The result was a self-organizing outpouring of passion and creativity. We were very pleased.”

– James B. Shaffer, Chief Operating Officer and Dean
School of Business University of Southern Maine

Case Study
To read a case study about Open Space Technology in action for Rhode Island’s Department of Children, Youth and Families, please click here.

To download a pdf of my article about Open Space Technology, “A High Stakes, Tight Time Open Space,” please click here.

Self-Paced Course
Got a few minutes and want to learn more? To take a self-paced course that explains Open Space, please click here.