Large Group Facilitation

Organizations today enjoy options they’ve never had before – to bring unprecedented numbers of stakeholders literally to the same table – to share views, find common ground, and make plans – in less time than ever. I’ve facilitated over one hundred meetings with an average of one hundred participants each – that’s ten thousand participants – and have seen the results: large group meetings move mountains! Read a client’s account of a meeting with 60 people and an article on creating change fast by “getting everyone in the same room.”


“I want to publicly congratulate Jay Vogt, our facilitator, for an impressive job of stimulating discussion, keeping us directed, and continually organizing and integrating our thoughts on day one of our Summit.  And for the excellent job on day two of keeping such a diverse group engaged, productive, and positive.”
– Daniel Raemer, Ph.D., former President, Society for Simulation in Healthcare

Case Study
To read a case study about Large Group Facilitation for the Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Research and Education, please click here.

To download a pdf of my article about Large Group Facilitation, “Creating Change Fast” please click here.