High Performing Teams

When a client asks me if I do team-building, I typically answer their question with a question of my own: “Team-building for what?”  Teams need a common purpose and a shared set of performance goals that the individuals involved can’t achieve on their own.  In these cases, the motivation to succeed builds the team naturally.  Still, investing in team development is smart.  The case study and the article below reveal a bit about my style and approach.



“Our group will be looking for a teamwork session probably some time
soon. We did a review of the one we did two years ago and you’d be quite amazed at how much people felt they had changed as a result of that.”

– Dr. Jeff Cooper, Executive Director
Center for Medical Simulation, Partners Healthcare

Case Study
To read a case study about High Performing Teams for Stonyfield Farm’s Strong Women Summit, please click here.

To download a pdf of Pamela Dodd’s article about my work with High Performing Teams, “Using Improvisation to Foster Team Learning,” please click here.