Grounded Visioning

Grounded Visioning is my name for a fast, fun process that helps a team or organization create a shared vision of the future in a way that is grounded in how they are  when they are at their very best.  It works great with intact teams in as little as two hours.  It can find common ground with groups as large as 250 in half a day.  Read about the method as applied in a typical case, or learn more about my book, Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach.


“I have benefited from working with Jay over a number of years, and I highly recommend his Grounded Visioning approach as an energizing and clarifying tool to help your organization achieve its mission.”

– Laura Johnson, President, Massachusetts Audubon Society

Case Study
To read a case study about Grounded Visioning in action for The Society of Arts and Crafts, please click here.

My Book
To learn more about my book on this method, Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach, please click here.

Self-Paced Course
Got a few minutes and want to learn more? To take a self-paced course that explains Grounded Visioning, please click here.