“We used Jay at CASE years ago, and since then he has been referred from collaborative to collaborative, from Superintendent to Superintendent, all over Metrowest Boston. Why do they like him? His planning style is quick, dynamic, and highly visual, which really engages people.”

– Gerry Mazor, former Executive Director, CASE (a public school collaborative); former Interim Executive Director, LABBB (a public school collaborative)

“Jay, the report looks great! All aspects appear to be captured in a clear, succinct manner! Thanks again for facilitating a great meeting with a great plan for us, going forward!”

Edna Smith, Board Member, McAuliffe Regional Public Charter School

“The universal response from the participants was that you were a remarkable facilitator and that we got a great deal done. At the end of the day, I did feel a little like the Far Side cartoon in which the student raises his hand and asks to be excused because his brain in too full, but other than that I thought it was a very successful day! Many thanks for your fine work.”

– Dorsey Yearley, Executive Director, EDCO Collaborative

“Many thanks for planning such an effective meeting for our Board – it far exceeded my expectations! Through your expert facilitation so much was accomplished in such a short time. Member comments included: ‘extremely productive’, ‘powerful,’ ‘enjoyable’ and ‘thoughtful.’ Thanks for getting us started on our journey from good to great. The summary of the discussion and decisions made at the meeting are invaluable.”

– Susan S. Rees, Executive Director, ACCEPT Education Collaborative

“I am very pleased by the tone of our recent board meeting and the conversation. One member commented that it was one of the best meetings in her twelve years on the Board. I thank you for channeling the Board to new heights.”

– Nancy L. Garrabrants, Director, UMass Extension, University of Massachusetts Amherst