Strategic Planning: Nonprofits

A strategic plan is both a plan and a process.  The best strategic plan is constantly used, never shelved, and is known as “our plan,” not “the consultant’s plan.”  The best planning processes are nothing less than transformative experiences.  I’ve helped dozens of nonprofits create strategic plans, and every process has been uniquely suited to the organization.

“I want to express my deep appreciation to Jay for the superb guidance and counsel he has offered throughout our strategic planning venture. I thank Jay for his commitment to the Committee and to the Foundation during this process. His wisdom, patience, and openness have impacted the work of the Committee – and his fingerprints will join ours on a plan that will take Two Ten forth into its next chapter.”

– Peggy Kim-Meill, President, Two Ten Foundation

To download a pdf of my article about nonprofit strategic plans, “Strategic Planning 101,” please click here.

To download a pdf of my article about nonprofit strategic planning, “How to Fit the Planning Process to Your Organization,” please click here.

Strategic Planning: Companies

I help fast growth companies make plans and stick to them.  We start by creating a one page strategic plan (see article below).  That often requires articulating a compelling vision for the future, along with clear 3 – 5 year goals and metrics, clear 1 year goals and metrics, and finally, clear 90 day goals and metrics.  Then we design a regular rhythm of data-driven meetings with clear accountabilities to help keep the company on track.

“This meeting was such a big success because of your facilitation and especially because of your upfront planning push. I am convinced that it went so smoothly only because you were so meticulous about the preparation. Thank you!!”

– Manuela BUXO, Head of Global Strategic Marketing, SANOFI CONSUMER HEALTHCARE

To download a pdf of my article about strategic plans for fast growth companies, “Creating Focus with a One-Page Strategic Plan,” please click here.