December 2017



Here’s some recent good news from my work as a consultant.
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WebsiteA New Website...

It's time to hit the refresh button. Peoplesworth’s new web site is now easier to use, faster to read, and more focused on how I can help you. Check it out here. And yes, last month marks 35 years as an external consultant – still love the work, and my clients!


Recent Clients...

Global Organics LtdGlobal Organics Ltd excels at sourcing and selling organic ingredients, now meeting the needs of many of America’s largest food companies. They value long-term win/win relationships with both with their suppliers and customers. I’ve been working with them for years, too, and recently helped them create their 2018 plan.




Organic VoicesOrganic Voices promotes the organic food industry. Recently they convened CEOs and marketing executives from many of America’s top organic food companies, and asked me to help them brainstorm ways of reducing consumer confusion – about what organic is, and why it is valuable – by identifying strong, clear messages. Though the challenge was tough, this diverse group reached a strong consensus.



bluesign technologiesSwitzerland-based bluesign technologies develops and maintains the bluesign® system, a means for developing textiles with the least possible impact on the environment and the most possible resource conservation, while ensuring the greatest safety for workers and consumers. I helped them design a participatory process to create a shared vision for their future.



Signing off...

TaTWFor five months in 1987, my wife and I backpacked around the world – traveling mostly in Asia, staying mostly in hostels – for our honeymoon. There we are traveling overland in Tibet. It’s time for a second honeymoon, but this time in more comfort, on a ship. We embark December 15th from Miami, and disembark May 5th in London. Talk to you on sailing days! Follow along if you like on Instagram – I’m @thulojay and Stephanie is @spaciousway.

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