“Jay Vogt has been our organizational coach and facilitator of quarterly meetings for the past three years. The team always looked forward to the meetings as an upbeat venue to gather, innovate, and share information. He always did a great job capturing and shaping input from the group to give us actionable takeaways.

“Beyond facilitating meetings Jay helped us select and refine a system of planning, meeting and reporting that was ideal for a small high growth company. Jay is trusted and respected throughout the organization and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.”

– Nancy Rosenzweig, former CEO, The Natural Dentist

“Jay has a great way of cutting to the chase; creating meaningful change and making everyone smile in the process. He is the real deal.”

– Stephen McDonnell, CEO, Applegate Farms

“I have watched and benefited from Jay helping to untangle organizational messes for two decades. The guy is a genius.”

– Gary Hirshberg, President and CE-Yo, Stonyfield Farm, Inc.

“I have heard great feedback. We developed three Task Groups for future effort and made clear assignments for action / work together as strategic groups.

“Thank you so much for doing a fabulous job – folks felt energized, focused and totally impressed that you finished the exercise on time. We ended the day feeling like we had gone a new layer deeper in being open and candid.”

– Carole Wedge, FAIA, LEED APFAIA, LEED AP, President, Shepley Bulfinch

“Overwhelmingly positive feedback from last weeks meeting. Thanks for all of your efforts.”

– Jeff Allar, Vice President of Human Resources, Stonyfield Farm

“Great session – fun, interactive, focused and timely!

– Chris Benzak, Newport Biodiesel

“Thanks for the fast turnaround on this plan and, more importantly, great work
driving our session last week. We really could not have gotten this
far without your help–and its rewarding to see it all on paper.”

– Andy Freed, COO, Virtual

“I thought our session when very well. Your facilitation was excellent as usual. We covered most of the territory in a productive way.”

– Roland Hoch, Vice President, Global Organics, Ltd.