BR2BG Reviews

“This is a great process.  We really enjoyed it, and learned a lot.” – Vice President of Development; Regional Chamber of Commerce

“This was a hit with our board!” –  Board Chair, Craft and trade school

“The feedback from the board has been overwhelmingly positive.” – Executive Director, Charter public school

“This has been a great process.  My number one goal was met – an engaged board!” – Vice President of Development; Big Brothers, Big Sisters

”Rave reviews from our board!” – Board Chair, Independent K-12 school

”This process was terrific.  It was fun, energizing, and focused.  The board loves their workplan.” – Executive Director, Family support center

”This helped me understand how a board can work, and how to use our many different skills.”- Board Chair; Youth foundation

”After doing this process, a board member sent me a note, ‘This was very exciting.  Over the next couple of years, we’re going to make it!,’ and a check for a thousand bucks!  Quicker return on investment than we ever dreamed!” – Board Chair, Arts organization

“With this process for organizing we continue step-by-step to attack problems and set goals for the future.  The focus and organization created an optimistic atmosphere.  It would have taken us several years to reach this point without this help.” – Board Chair, Asian community organization