“Somehow Jay creates magic out of chaos. He is able to bring together people of diverse backgrounds and temperaments and inspire them to work together. This book captures the essence of what he does and makes it seem possible to do it yourself.”

– Lisa Zankman, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

“Grounded Visioning focuses on the positive, giving organizations a powerful process for overcoming even bitter disappointments, efficiently setting the groundwork in place to move together toward a more positive future. This group planning process really works. Gathering together a skeptical group of stakeholders and helping them focus on the positive allowed the organization I had just taken over to break away from a very negative place and envision a more positive future by remembering the good things this organization had originally meant to them. Remarkable progress was made in a very short time and Grounded Visioning proved to be just the process needed to regain our momentum.”

– Thomas Herrera-Mishler, Chief Executive Officer, Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy

“Over the past decade the value and importance of a compelling, shared vision for generating energy and enabling exceptional performance in an organization has become increasingly clear. Less clear however is how to actually go about creating one. In “The Grounded Vision Approach” author Jay Vogt offers an eminently practical and efficient methodology for doing just that.”

– Jeff Clanon, Founding Consultant Member of The Society for Organizational Learning, Former Executive Director of the MIT Center for Organizational Learning

“Do you believe that every person’s voice adds value? Are you seeking a proven organizational change process that is exhilarating and meaningful, yet quick? If so, this book is your roadmap to long lasting collective commitment regardless of the group’s size or difference of opinion.”

– Mary L. Fifield Ph.D., President, Bunker Hill Community College

“Is your organization stuck? Have you reached that point of knowing that doing what you’ve always done just doesn’t cut it? Jay Vogt offers an elegant response: convene a diverse group of stakeholders to create an image of the future that inspires action. Try it!”

– Peggy Holman, Author, The Change Handbook

“Jay has created something for all of us to be great leaders in the 21st century: A model for an organization to create and align behind a vision in half the time with twice the impact of anything else out there! Bravo!

– Nick Craig, Best Selling Author, Finding Your True North: A Personal Guide

“Jay Vogt has written an inspired guide to an inspiring process. I have benefited from working with Jay over a number of years, and I highly recommend his Grounded Visioning Approach as an energizing and clarifying tool to help your organization achieve its mission.”

– Laura Johnson, President, Massachusetts Audubon Society

“Grounded Visioning-outlined in this book by Jay Vogt-has the unique attribute of capturing the positive and optimistic components of your organization; encouraging your key stakeholders to speak from the heart; articulate their most positive experiences and then develop an aligned plan for your work ahead. Our organization benefited greatly from the quick, positive and action focused approach to developing Strategic Task Groups focused on the future.”

– Carole Wedge, President, Shepley Bulfinch

“Jay’s approach draws upon organization’s value system. This leads to a strategic vision and plan that is relevant to the organization, actionable at all levels and catalytic.”

– James R. Salzano, EVP, Clarks Companies, North America

“I have watched and benefited from Jay helping to untangle organizational messes for two decades. The guy is a genius. If you’ve got an organizational challenge, you will not want to miss his book.”

– Gary Hirshberg, President and CE-Yo, Stonyfield Farm, Inc.

“Read, convene, reminisce, re-vision and re-charge. Jay Vogt’s pioneering methods will re-invigorate any work group, be it a small public library staff or an entire community.”

– Barbara Powell, Formerly Director, Concord Free Public Library

“I really love this book and found the small group and large group directions and the case studies really, really helpful. Jay’s technique for creating shared vision is simple, elegant, and effective. Part of the beauty of this process is that it is adaptable to any organization – for profit, social sector, large or small. It is particularly useful at the current time because boards are facing very tough challenges yet board members have less time to devote to an organization than ever before. I also appreciate the emphasis on follow-up activities and the importance of designing your own grounded vision with implementation in mind. The case studies really provide wonderful examples of how this process actually works in different settings. This is a book that will change how you work with your board and constituents now and become an important, well-used reference for your organization. “

– Jude Goldman, Executive Director, The Lenny Zakim Fund

“I wasn’t sure when I would read this book, but I picked it up and started browsing it the night it arrived, and found that it was describing a process that I was just about to launch at work. I read the main part of the book and then used the author’s system to run my “grounded visioning” process, which I ran only two days later, and it worked like a charm. It really did have good ideas, and I was able to put them directly to use with minimal effort. It really helped me streamline how I was going to quickly go from brainstorming to action with this pretty diverse and opinionated group. What could have taken more than a day took 3 hours,was easy to plan, and people enjoyed the process.”

– Stephen del Cardayre, Vice President, Research and Development, LS9, Inc.

“I’ve just read Jay Vogt’s book Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach and then had the privilege of seeing Jay put these principals into action with a large (80+ people) diverse group. It was an amazing experience to see Jay work ahead of time to prepare key players for the meeting; laying out the agenda almost minute by minute. Then in just 5 hours he transformed this large group of individuals with diverging agendas into an action-oriented force focused on 3 compelling bold ideas–complete with the structure of an implementation plan. Jay seemed to spin gold out of straw. Jay’s gentle, thoughtful and positive style created an air of possibility in the room and comes through in reading his book. This book describes Jay’s process in such practical terms that the reader can certainly feel confident in applying the concepts in their own setting. I highly recommend this book for any organization trying to decide what their future holds and how to make that future a reality.”

– Carolyn Berry Copp, Director of Development, Newton Community Service Center