Jay has written two books and is working on a third.

Recharge Your Team: The Grounded Visioning Approach

Jay’s first book, published by Praeger Publishers, focuses on the positive – giving organizations a powerful process for overcoming even bitter disappointments, efficiently setting the groundwork in place to move together toward a better future. His innovative group planning process really works. Gathering together a skeptical group of stakeholders and helping them focus on the positive allowed the organization I had just taken over to break away from a very negative place and envision a more positive future by remembering the good things this organization had originally meant to them. Remarkable progress was made in a very short time and Grounded Visioning proved to be just the process needed to regain our momentum. To read more about this book, please click here.

Board Roles to Board Goals –
Creating an Annual Board Workplan

Jay’s second book is a workbook for nonprofit boards. Using its step-by-step process, board chairs can engage their boards in creating a set of board goals in an annual board workplan.

To read more about this book, please click here.