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Since 1982, Peoplesworth has helped people who lead organizations discover greater creativity, spirit, and harmony in their workplace. Our consulting services support shared leadership, continuous learning and win/win collaboration. Many people in organizations across America feel isolated and disconnected from their peers, and from their organization’s purpose. Founder and author Jay W. Vogt has pioneered new ways of revitalizing organizations with amazingly efficiency. He works with a wide range of nonprofits and companies to clarify their mission, connect individuals in a common vision, and set clear goals and plans for success.

Here are a just a few of his pragmatic and productive ideas:

Grounded Visioning is Jay’s name for a fast, fun process that helps a team or organization create a shared vision of the future in a way that is grounded in how they are when they are at their very best. It works great with intact teams in as little as two hours. It can find common ground with groups as large as 250 in half a day. His book, Recharge Your Team, has made this method available to a wider audience.

Open Space Technology is an innovative meeting method for convening large groups of people to face urgent, complex challenges in ways that allow passion and leadership to break out all over. Open Space is self-organization in action. Individuals who care passionately about an issue and are willing to provide some leadership around it are invited to post their topic, assign it a time and place, and then convene the group. When all the issues have been stated and assigned, participants choose freely how to spend their time. There is no other agenda.

Future Search Conferences are two-day, large scale events that help an organization or community find common ground and create shared vision. The conference design builds community, leading participants through powerful tasks that help them understand their past, appreciate their present, and plan their future. Future Search not only helps participants find common ground and a shared vision, but map the strategy and action plans to achieve it.

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