Recent Testimonials

In Q5, 2014, I got this great, unsolicited feedback (thanks!)

“Thank you again for helping us with strategic planning and keeping everyone engaged!” Beth Ann Gerstein, Society of Arts & Crafts

“You can claim Two Ten as a success.  Your work with us helped sharpen our focus for the Annual Dinner that raised a record $2.3 M and we’re nailing down key focus for the 75th anniversary.” Neal Newman, President, Two Ten Foundation

“Thank you for your great help and guidance for our Shared Leadership meeting.  We all felt very good about the day – lots of good conversation, and an excellent structure for the day that kept things upbeat and productive.”  Nora Frank, Vice President for Philanthropy, Mass Audubon Society

“You offer an intelligent, thoughtful partnership approach that brings experience and the necessary structure to the process and is responsive to the insights and objectives of the leadership team.”  Michael Gilligan, Board Chair, LIFT; Founding General Partner, Heritage Partners

n Q4 2011, I got this great, unsolicited feedback (thanks!):

Knowledgeable and collaborative, Jay Vogt is a pleasure to work with as a facilitator. He is very perceptive and knows how to guide a process, both before and during a facilitated-group event. Use Jay if you want to convene and execute on highly effective meetings.” – Don Mezick, President, New Technologies Solutions, Inc.

“As always, you were a huge help this year.  The plan came out great and our presentation to the Board went extremely well.  We could not have gotten this done without you!” – Jim Salzano, President, Clarks Companies, N. A.

 “A HUGE thank you. It has been terrific working with you birthing the Creativity Center.” – Marlene Fried, Former Interim President, Hampshire College

 “Thanks, Jay.  This was one of our best sessions.” – Bruce Rogers, CEO, Virtual, Inc.

“The benefits of our planning are already evident in how we are communicating about our work.” – Charlie Washburn, Executive Director, VSA Massachusetts

“I highly recommend Jay Vogt from Peoplesworth.  He did a great job for us.” – Susan Rees, ACCEPT Educational Collaborative

“We got some great feedback on your presentation.  People were quite pleased.” – Susan Fletcher, Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce

“Thanks Jay for another artfully facilitated retreat.  I thought Saturday was fabulous and I’m continually impressed by your presence and style.  We are so fortunate to have had you with us over the last few years.” – Donna Sharff, Executive Director, The Children’s Room

“The meeting last week was very well received, and your participation was a key ingredient.” – Glenn Harkness, Senior Vice President, TRC Companies

“I’m sure we’ll be working again together down the road – you helped us move through some very, very hard stuff.” – Margaret Williams, Executive Director, The Food Project

“We (the committee, the board, the agency) all owe you a great debt for your work on this project.  I’m convinced you were the right person at the right time.  With you guidance I think we achieved our objective.  Please don’t hesitate to use me/us as a reference in the future.” – Dan Grondin, Chair, Strategic Planning Committee, Cambridge Family & Children’s Service


Thanks to all my clients! In Q4 2010, I got this great, unsolicited feedback:

• “Thanks again for your extraordinary facilitation skills on Saturday; it was a pleasure, once again, to work with you!”

– Donna Sharff, LMHC, Executive Director, The Children’s Room

• “We have used Jay Vogt from Peoplesworth. I highly recommend him.”

– Margaret Williams, Executive Director, The Food Project

• “We did hear good things after the meeting. The associate directors met yesterday and when asked about the retreat they said it was ‘terrific.’ I think they really felt involved in a meaningful way.”

– Linda Bresnahan, M. S., Director of Program Operations, Physician Health Services, Inc.

• “Thank you for your contributions. Thanks for guiding us through a productive discussion. You made a real difference.”

– Christine Primiano, Vice President, Performance Management, Partners Community HealthCare Inc.

• “Thank you very much for your outstanding leadership and facilitation at our most recent ‘all partners’ meeting. We have received a lot of positive feedback on both you personally and on the breakout sessions. It is such a pleasure working with you and having you as part of our team and collective effort to move the dial on employment rates of people with disabilities in MA and beyond.”

– Kathy Petkauskos. Senior Program Director, The Work Without Limits Initiative

• “Thank you so much, Jay, for your guidance and assistance with our plan. We
are all pleased with the outcome and look forward to using it to guide us in
the next 5 years. Thanks for your assistance with this process.”

– Linda Stetson, Director, Morse Institute Library

• “I enjoyed working with you.”

– Robbin E. Peach, Executive Director, The Collaborative Institute for Oceans, Climate and Security

• “Thanks so much for your hard work – you were invaluable in making sure the West Concord Task Force held a worthwhile and useful workshop. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

– Marcia Rasmussen, Senior Planner, Town of Concord

• “I have known Jay and worked with Jay for several years now. He is fantastic and we are so fortunate to have him assist us. Not only does he bring his expertise in planning, building teams, etc., he is also a dynamic facilitator and has a real gift for bringing people of all backgrounds to consensus in a fun and meaningful way. I am sure you will love working with him as much as I do.”

– Gretchen Manning, Vice President of Advancement & Enrollment, Marion Court College

• “The feedback on the session has been quite positive. Everyone thought the process was productive and worthwhile. While there’s still a lot of work to be done and some trepidation about additional decisions that need to be made, everyone seems up for it.”

– Marilyn Martino, Executive Director, The Sudbury Foundation

• “We have opened five programs since we worked with you – two just started and are in the process of looking for new office and classroom space for FY 12. Our new vision, core values, mission, website, marketing materials and stronger programs have all resulted in a stronger collaborative. It wouldn’t have happened without your work with us and I am truly appreciative.”

– Susan Rees, Executive Director, ACCEPT Education Collaborative

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