What is Grounded Visioning?

Too often teams, and companies, lose focus, and the future appears hazy. People say, “We’re getting stale,” or, “I just don’t know where we’re headed.” Leaders know they need a vision to bring people together. And they know a good vision will renew enthusiasm and commitment. But they may not know how to make it happen.
Grounded Visioning is my name for a fast, fun process that helps a team or organization create a shared vision of the future that is “grounded” in the way they are when they are at their very best. It works great with intact teams in as little as two hours. It can find common ground with groups as large as 250 in only half a day.

There are six quick but essential steps that produce results – with organizations of any size from small teams to large groups.  The six steps ensure that everyone takes part, that the vision is grounded in how the team acts when at its best, and that the emergent vision is bold enough to inspire – but practical enough to feel achievable.

Grounded visioning is a breakthrough concept of breathtaking simplicity and power that any leader can put to use. It works, because it frees employees to share their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. As they soar, a vision naturally arises that recharges the team.

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